All work and no play make me very dull but my dodgy back has been seriously impeding my adventures lately. This morning I enjoyed a lovely long massage by the bodyworker who kept me on my feet and happy throughout my last pregnancy. I left there, not feeling my usual dreaminess post massage but invigorated, euphoric and ready for fun. When I got home, the children had their chores done and The Husband was busy around the yard. After a quick lunch we all got into the van and headed out in search of whatever we could find...

Fruit was on the agenda. It's SUMMER, there is fruit dripping off the trees and brambles here. So first we stopped at the end of street we frequented when our eldest was very small. This time of the year the cherry plums are ripening and dropping to the ground in a great sweet carpet. We all got to picking and ended up with a basket full and all our mouths full - enough for a few days and then we can walk down and glean some more. The commentary that The Pixie kept up while we were picking had us all giggling. "I have never picked a basket of plums before, I like picking plums, I like my basket. I'm going to put plums in my basket all the day..." She was most indignant that the apple tree over the way wouldn't be ready for another month or so. She did try one apple - "it's small like me!" but spat the bitter flesh out almost immediately.

From there we meandered along side roads and back roads, taking one on a whim, skipping another. Then on the side of the road there was a most wonderful sight - two Pecheron mares and their three foals! Amiable great beasts, the foals all whiskery and skittish. The mama showed me how much she liked blackberries and fumbled through the thorns with her mouth. She was very pleased that I understood and even more so when I picked a whole handful to feed her. My small human fingers surely don't get pricked or pained like her gentle mouth. The children were absolutely enchanted, we ended up talking about battle horses in medieval times, plowing, cart pulling, different draught horse breeds, horse colouring. The foals stretched inquisitive heads over the fence and started away when The Pixie started capering in glee.

I even inadvertently demonstrated the best way to introduce yourself to a horse. Nope, not by kissing it warmly on the lips but by blowing through your nose into the horse's nose. It returns the favour by the way and it can get rather moist but I doubt anyone has ever died of horse spit.

From there we discovered where we were and found a cherry stand so added to our fruit hoard. At this point everyone was getting restless, hot and bothered so on a last whim I turned down a road, past a pub in the bush and found the waterhole friends mentioned this week. Remarkably, apart from one other family, we were the only people there. The big children took to the water immediately and retreated screaming when they realised the water was far chillier than tepid but inch by inch they squirmed in and at last were splashing about, doing leaps from the rocks and finding stone treasures that I had to add to our pile. The Pixie kept out of the water mostly for which I was thankful as she's now working her way through the cold that put both The Son and I to bed for most of last week.

We finally drove home, everyone relaxed and happy, the bored bickering that has been building to a crescendo over the past week while I've been immersed in school prep has vanished and they sit, bathed and waiting for dinner, singing and doing drawings. They've even finished their evening chores!

2 Responses
  1. Cybele Says:

    Sounds like a glorious day. Your joy is felt in every word you have typed. :)

  2. Bec Says:

    mmmmm cherries, tassies surely are the best! and free blackberries, I do miss thee. Simple pleasure I will never forget of our adventures there :)